Spam comments revealed

One thing I like about this WordPress blog is that WordPress automatically filters out spam comments submitted to entries on this blog. I get about 10 a day, and they go straight into a spam folder.

But some of these spam comments are so funny I had to share them with you. Here are five of my favourites – mostly submitted, bizarrely, to the blog entry on whether we should say ‘I’ or ‘we’:Spam

  1. A suitable shirt or T-shirt and dress trousers will be for almost all start dancing classes. Hand gestures range from obnoxiously rude to polite ones.
  2. Numbers have meaning and are usually an easy task to latch on. You need to hear you believe us is the best in the world that you wish to devote each single waking moment to create our organization better still.
  3. Such attorneys have a team of lawyers, divorce process coaches and financial experts as well. Using grocery store, tend to be many numerous sections.
  4. Carrots can keep your stools softer on top of that larger. Do not just ignore these signs quite possibly pass them off as mere coincidences.
  5. Tenting is one of the most inexpensive way get pleasure from a Spain time. The location should be in a shielded and riots inclined zone.

So, the lessons from these spam comments are as follows:

  1. Wear clothes when dancing.
  2. Numbers have meaning.
  3. Grocery stores have ‘many numerous sections’.
  4. Carrots soften your stools.
  5. When camping in Spain, pitch your tent in a riot zone.

Now you know!

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