Leo Strauss, aged 12

Here’s a newly discovered picture of Leo Strauss aged 12, dressed in Japanese naval costume, celebrating the Kaiser’s 1912 visit to Kirchhain, where Strauss grew up.

The translation, courtesy of Dietrich Schotte of Marburg University, is:

‘School of Kirchhain

Callisthenics and Japanese dexterity exercises

for the Kaiser’s birthday, 1912.’

In the coming weeks, I’ll post more pictures relating to the young Strauss, taken from my visit to Kirchhain, after a Strauss conference in Marburg.

Strauss aged 12, closeup Strauss aged 12

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  1. Did you meet Edwin Curley there? (He told me has was going.)

    • Yes, Michael, I met Edwin Curley there – for the first time, indeed. We’d communicated by email when he helped me with the Latin Leviathan, so it was great to meet and thank him in person.

  1. Where Leo Strauss grew up | BlauBlog

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