Powerpoint Tips #2: press F5 – for God’s sake, press F5!

The worst way to start a talk is to waste five or so seconds trying to work out how to load the Powerpoint presentation, i.e. how to start the slideshow in fullscreen mode. “Where’s the mouse? Where’s the little icon to click? It’s not where it is on my computer. Can someone help?”


The answer is: press the F5 key, and the Powerpoint presentation loads automatically. (If you’re on a PC. If you’re on a Mac, either press Control + Shift + S, or buy a PC. Or, sell your Mac, buy two PCs, and learn how overpriced Macs are at the same time.)

So, press F5. For God’s sake, press F5!




Association for Political Theory Conference, 2013

Just arrived in Nashville, Tennessee, for the Association for Political Theory conference at Vanderbilt University.

I was meant to be giving a paper called ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Quentin Skinner’s Real Method’, which explains that the methods Skinner actually uses are richer and more diverse than the ones he outlines in his methodological writings.

But that paper ran into difficulties and I realised I couldn’t do it in time, so I will save it for another day.

Instead I am giving a paper called ‘Extended Meaning and Understanding in the History of Ideas’, which seeks to explain the idea of meaning and understanding that drives much of our work in politics and philosophy departments, to sit alongside Skinner’s work on the idea of meaning and understanding that drives much work in history departments.