Dolley Madison in 1848

Here are two pictures of Dolley Madison, wife of James Madison and an influential figure in the White House during the presidencies of Madison and his predecessor, Thomas Jefferson.

These daguerrotypes were taken in 1848, when Dolley was 80; she died the following year.

DMadison (1848)I find it amazing to think that these are pictures of someone who lived through the American Revolution and was there at the founding. I failed to infuse my students with my excitement about this. Maybe it’s just not that exciting? Or maybe it’s because I was teaching this course at 9.00 on a Monday morning.

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  1. I like both. I like the purity of a landscape without a human element that allows the viewer to be alone with the “landscape” and I also like to see a human element when it adds to the landscape. Sometimes it can be to show how small we are compared to the vastness of the landscape or to place a point of interest in the shot. What I like about this image is that your friend pops out because of the color of his clothing which works so well against the backdro and colors of your scene. Great job.Edith Levy recently posted..


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