An open letter to the Principal of King’s College London, about the proposed rebranding

Here is the text of an open letter which I have just sent to the Principal of King’s College London, about the proposed rebranding by which we would be known as King’s London.


Dear Principal,

A College has a collegiate ethos, but many of us feel that this has been overlooked by the rebranding company in their incomplete consultation process.

​Their proposed rebrand has caused dismay. No one seems convinced by their reasoning about dropping ‘College’ from our name. The letter K in the alleged new logo looks broken and weak, as if we are trying to sneak our foot into London.

broken K logo

The changes are disliked not only by current staff and students but also by alumni. Yes, we must look to the future, but we cannot ignore our past.

I hope this email is not impertinent. But I have been moved to send it because of my pride in this university, on a day when our outstanding results in the 2014 REF show what we can achieve — with our present name!

Your sincerely,

Adrian Blau



Dr Adrian Blau
Senior Lecturer in Politics
Department of Political Economy
King’s College London
London WC2R 2LS
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  1. … to which I got a very nice reply from the Principal half an hour later. Very polite of him to reply personally – I wasn’t expecting that.

  2. Hi Adrian,
    Last year I participated in a focus group about this proposed rebranding. Not one person in my group favoured it. We were all alumni. I am also distraught that this new image appears to be going ahead. I believe the word college should remain and is vital. The new logo is wrong on so many fronts. All these were discussed at length and it seems ignored.

    The history of King’s needs to be included in some form. The font is too plain and the red K awful. The broken foot dazzles the eyes and has no purpose. It is reminiscent of Special K and Klout.

    I totally agree with your letter.
    Best regards,

  1. How the King’s College London rebrand could have succeeded | BlauBlog

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